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Cabin living is a lifestyle

Cabin living is closer to nature. Outside your front door are trails for hiking and cross-country skiing. Explore nearby duck ponds. Pick blueberries. Avoid the moose. Photograph nature in all seasons. There's a community garden. Live Green!

About Nature Cabins

Nature Cabins LLC offers clean, private, quiet housing. Cabins are affordable housing. Many renters are University of Alaska Fairbanks students or staff because our location is close to UAF.

Just back to basics

Cabin living is rustic but comfortable. It's a simpler lifestyle with heat and electricity, but no running water. "What's this?" you say! No running water?! No problem! Residents haul water in five-gallon jugs for cooking, brushing teeth, and hand-washing. For a complete cleanup, you can always visit the local public swimming pool to take a shower or sauna (university students usually go to the university gym). Cabins have clean outhouses or indoor composting toilets.

Bumper Sticker

We hope our bumper sticker tickles your funny bone. It was fun to design. We're proud to introduce the first international symbol for reading in an outhouse! Note copyright and trademark.

Bumper Sticker "Chilling Out in my Outhouse"

Please click on cabin locations, look at photos and read the policies. Also see Cabin Farms & Landlords. Then contact me. I hope you find the idea of cabin living worth trying.

— Eric Muehling (Owner, Nature Cabins LLC)

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