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Cabin Farms & Landlords

Policies logoCabin farms (several cabins built on a single small lot) don't offer privacy or quiet. Cabin farms are also known as cabin clusters, cabin slums, and cookie-cutter cabins.

Nature Cabins owns 30+ acres, and each cabin is built on one or more acres (on average). Trees separate cabins for privacy, and Nature Cabins is right next to the 2,000-acre Creamers Field Waterfowl Refuge.

When looking around for a cabin for rent, we suggest that you ask landlords these questions over the phone before driving to view a rental cabin:

  1. How close is the nearest cabin? Can you see any neighbors?
  2. How many cabins are on your property (and YUK is the outhouse shared)?
  3. Is this a duplex cabin (not much privacy with thin walls)?
  4. Can I park nearby, and how far will I be carrying groceries?
  5. Will I need 4-wheel drive in the winter?
  6. Is snow plowing included? What is spring breakup like?
  7. How many gallons of heating fuel did the previous tenant use last winter?
  8. Who fixes the furnace, stove and frig if needed?
  9. Do you have an emergency phone number or service to call if the heat goes out at 60 below?
  10. How far out of town is it? Remember to add the cost of commuting (gasoline, vehicle wear-and-tear, and your time) to estimate living expenses.
  11. If the door lock freezes and I can't get in or out, how long will it take for you to respond to my phone call?

Cabin farms are bad for you and the neighbors. Cabin farms are an annoyance for nearby property owners who once had peace and quiet. Cabin farms could be breaking local zoning laws where there are restrictions on building multi-family housing.

We've heard awful stories of landlords who expected the tenant to re-dig the outhouse hole, or fix the furnace themselves because the landlord was in Fiji for the winter.

We hope you find a cabin that's private and quiet, and a responsible (and responsive) landlord. Enjoy living in an Alaska cabin. Live simply, be close to nature, and don't rent from cabin farms.




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