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Solar cabins

Solar Cabins Exterior

These cabins were designed for Arctic Living.

Thick walls and window

Walls are 14-inches thick (super-insulated). Efficient when it's hot or cold.

Electric Inverter

An inverter hums while converting electricity.

Thick walls and window

Fairbanks, Alaska is in the distance as viewed from the second-level deck. The Alaska Mountain Range is visible, too.

Here are some key features of the solar cabins ...

  • Living AreaAn array of solar Photo Voltaic (PV) panels produces 10 KW of electricity on a sunny summer day. That's more than the average home in the U.S. use.
  • An electric inverter inside the cabin converts direct current (DC) from the solar arrays to usable alternating current (AC). Dont' worry, the cabins are connected to the local electric utility company so there's electricity day or night.
  • All interior lights are compact fluorescent. These provide plenty of light while using less energy.
  • The Biolet (TM) composting toilet provides odorless indoor convenience in a private "bathroom." Or use the outhouse.
  • The living area has plush wall-to-wall carpeting. No shoes, please. The walls are 14-inches thick making this green cabin super-insulated (R-50 walls). The small and efficient Monitor (TM) furnace comfortably heats the cabin at any outside temperature.
  • Large BedroomThe kitchen has a modern electric stove, countertop and refrigerator. No running water. This two-story cabin has VERY STEEP stairs and only adults who can safely climb steep steps should rent this cabin!


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